Live stream strength training classes specificially designed for building strength, reducing injuries and improving running

World Class Instructor

Classes are taught live by 4 x Olympian Marathoner, Hall of Fame Runner and Certified Coach Colleen De Reuck.

Colleen will be guiding you through the optimal exercises for strength and mobility that will enable you to be a better runner and avoid injuries.

Live Stream Classes & On-Demand

Classes are taught live three times a week, where Colleen De Reuck will guide you through every exercise and as well as giving feedback on posture etc. 

If you miss a class you can always do the classes on your own afterwards as we make them available after each class.


Tailored for Runners

Full-body workouts that involves a blend of strength training, yoga, Pilates and physical therapy-inspired moves, carefully curated for runners’ needs.

Improve general strength, core strength, balance/stability, mobility and range of motion - i.e. everything you need to run stronger, longer, more fluidly, and with less pain and fewer preventable injuries!

Training for Everyone

Elite or beginner, young or old, sprinter or long distance... It doesn't matter. Our live strength training classes are for any type of runner.You will be joined by runners of all abilities and nationalities and in unity and with guidance from Colleen we will work our way through each session.


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